Snow Days

Unless you’ve been underground with no access to television, newspapers or the internet for the past few weeks you don’t need me to tell you that the UK has been experiencing something of an ice age with snow and ice causing widespread disruption, some misery, but also, let’s be honest, lots of fun!

If you Can’t Stand the Heat…

Wow, what a scorcher it was last week! Temperatures hit the 30s, official health warnings were issued due to the heatwave and the UK was declared hotter than the Mediterranean. It was fabulous at the weekends and even the brief shower we had on my birthday barbecue didn’t spoil things: we just made a dash for the house carrying plates of food and cutlery while a few of the boys picked up the garden parasol and brought it over the barbecue to shelter under while they finished cooking the sausages. Us Brits have become experts at dealing with rainy barbecues; you have to in this climate.

The Galvin Cup Cocktail Extravaganza

On Monday 15th June I had the honour of helping to judge The Galvin Cup, the cocktail mixology competition organised by Galvin at Windows and hosted at The Dorchester Hotel. The competition saw competitors in two categories, professional and student, mixing up their own creations in order to win first place and some fantastic prizes, with the top one being £1,000 and the silver Galvin cup.

Think English Summer, Think Pimm’s

After the snow in April we now have a heat wave in early May. It’s all very bizarre but I’m not complaining. For a start I’m enjoying lunching in the garden, slathered in sun cream; wearing sandles and strappy tops;…

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

The British cuppa this tea-loving nation has always been famed for has grown out of favour in recent years with the rise and rise of the American-originated coffee shop. Coffee is now the number one fix of the bleary-eyed London…

Super Pomegranate Juice!

Not only are pomegranates beautiful and sweet, but with their juice bursting with antioxidants and vitamins they are hailed as one of the ‘superfoods’. Studies show that pomegranate juice helps to combat prostrate cancer, decreases the risk of heart disease…

Tea for One

I’m not a big tea drinker. I don’t like heavy, strong teas and I can’t stand tea with milk. But the one tea I really do like is the light and aromatic Earl Grey. A few years back I was…

A Recipe to Evoke the Spirit of Christmas

A slab of good chocolate
Contreu or brandy
1 Cinnamon stick
Bed socks
1 blanket
A Christmas film such as ‘A Christmas Carol’ Read post.

Can You Keep A Secret?

Lately I’ve been having a little indulgence of an evening. Not every evening. Oh no, that wouldn’t be right. Too often would spoil it; it wouldn’t be as special then. No, this is something for every now and then. A…

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