It’s Starting to Look a lot like Christmas

The Christmas magic is really in the air now, you can feel it. The shops are bustling with people buying final gifts and food for the holiday. There’s excitement on the forums and Rudolfs and elfs are being flung around on Facebook. No you didn’t misread that. I’ve laid marzipan over my abomination of a Christmas cake and I’ve bought brandy butter, and a slab of pancetta from the butcher. The preparations are well underway. Read post.

A Piece of Cake?

How are you getting on with your Christmas preparations? I’m feeling fairly relaxed, but then I have the luxury of having this week and next off work, so I can potter about at my own pace getting things ready. I’ll be stocking up on goodies, wrapping final presents, cleaning and tidying, baking and generally enjoying the Christmas magic. Read post.

My Little Gingerbread Men

OK so they may not be the prettiest gingerbread men in the world, but they certainly taste good. I used this recipe from and I was very pleased with the result. One word of warning though: the dough is tricky to use as it breaks up easily so you need to treat it with care. Read post.

Stir It Up

It can’t have escaped your notice that we’re now on the countdown to Christmas. Halloween has been and gone (and after tonight so will have bonfire night), Christmas adverts have been on the television for a while, the Christmas editions of the food magazines are on the shelves, the shops are bulging with gifts and the red cups are in the Starbucks coffee shops. There’s no doubt about it now guys. Read post.

I’m Full

Now I know these two words may sound a little shocking coming from someone who writes non-stop about food, but I think this Christmas, finally, I’ve had my fill of food, glorious food. It feels like all I’ve done since…

Santa Baby, Been An Awful Good Girl…

Well, perhaps ‘good girl’ is stretching the truth slightly, but I’m certainly a very lucky girl, as Santa left me this fantastic camera under the tree! I think Rob must have had a word in his ear. I haven’t put…

Merry Christmas

Well the presents are wrapped, the wine has been mulled, the turkey is in the fridge and the candles are lit. All that’s left for me to do is to wish you a very happy Christmas. Tweet

A Festive Meal

We had a lovely family meal last night to kick-start the Christmas celebrations. Read post.

I’m Making a List, I’m Checking it Twice

Well, it’s getting nearer now and it’s time for all those last minute preparations. I love this time in the days just before Christmas, when people are busy buying final presents and getting everything ready. I bought my last few…