Roast Chicken, Cheesy New Potatoes and Broad Beans

Cheesy Potatoes

I simply adore a good roast chicken dinner and as much as it really is a dish for the colder months I couldn’t possibly go through summer without it. It really needs some adaptation for the hotter days though and whilst roast chicken salad is the obvious choice it can get repetitive. The Mediterranean-influenced chicken […]

Summer Roast Poussin

Summer Roast Poussin 2

This is a colourful and flavoursome dish, and I expect it would go nicely with a leafy green salad on the side, or perhaps some asparagus. The tomatoes burst during cooking and the juice seeps from the lemons, mixing together at the bottom of the roasting tray with juices from the birds to form a […]

Classic Combinations

Chicken Avocado Salad 1

There is a very good reason why some things are partnered together again and again – quite simply, they work. Vodka and tonic, the little black dress and high heels…..chicken and avocado. So little goes into this salad, yet the flavours are incredible; they marry together so well. The creaminess of the avocado and roasted […]

Patience is a Virtue

Roast Chicken and Spring Onion Risotto

Risotto doesn’t take long to make, but it’s not a no-effort meal. It does require something from you. It needs nursing, watching over and gentle encouragement. But this loving care rewards you ten-fold. The homely, satisfying plate of food you get is the culinary equivalent of a big hug. Even more so if you’ve made […]

Mediterranean-Influenced Chicken and a Seasonal Gem

Lemon and Smoked Paprika Roast Chicken

We had my favourite for dinner today – roast chicken – but I fancied something different to my usual full roast chicken dinner or roast chicken with salad. As it’s been a lovely, warm, day today I thought I’d go for a Mediterranean influence with smoked paprika and roasted cherry tomatoes, which turned out to […]

Cold Outside, Hot Inside!

Chicken Chilli and Sweet Potato Stew

As you probably know by now, I love my creature comforts. When it’s cold and drizzly I want to come home to a warm house, a hot bath, soft blankets and comfort food. And today was one of those days.

As the weather has turned rather autumnal so has my cooking. Gone are the light fish dishes and long forgotten are the salads. As suddenly as the turning of the weather I’m craving pies, roast dinners and mashed potato. The chicken legs in the fridge were destined for one thing and one thing only today; stew.

I wanted a particularly comforting and warming stew so I opted for sweetness provided by spring carrots, sweet potato and Madeira and, to balance this out, I thought I’d add a little heat in the form of dried chilli flakes, thyme and lots of black pepper. Except I added more than ‘a little heat’. I didn’t measure the chilli flakes but lobbed in what I thought was about a teaspoon. This was far too hot for me and left me doing a goldfish impression as I tried to get some cool air into my mouth. Rob, on the other hand, loved it, so it really does depend on your own tolerance of heat I guess. Nether the less I suggest a prudent ½ teaspoon in the recipe below. For my own portion of stew I added in some natural yoghurt in order to take out some of the heat, which not only cooled it but made it deliciously creamy and it worked really well with the sweet potato so I’d highly recommend doing this if you fancy a creamier version.