Moving Weekend Halloumi Chicken

In the middle of moving house it suddenly dawned on me that we needed to eat – and I had made no plans for such a thing. Luckily, on opening the fridge, I was reminded that we had some chicken…

Spring Sunshine

At around this time in April two years ago I was walking through fresh snow, here in England. As I looked through my camera lens at fragile spring flowers bending under the weight of cold snow I marvelled at the surprises the elements sometimes throw up. Snow in April, who’d have thought it?

And now, having seen winter visit spring, summer has decided stop by. It’s been quite glorious this weekend, and so warm that it felt like June when I was sitting in the garden.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanks to this blog, Facebook and Twitter I have had the fortune of being able to communicate with so many wonderful people in America who, although we’ve never met, I consider my extended friends. It’s to all of you who I dedicate this post to and wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.

Farewell Floyd

James and I have been getting lots of brilliant entries into our ‘Farewell Floyd’ food blogging event. For my own part I decided to cook Keith’s Welsh Rarebit. It’s certainly a classier version of cheese on toast and well worth the extra effort.

Steak, Mushroom and Camembert Pancakes

This is such a quick and easy dinner, yet tasty and impressive – what more could you want? Rather than a recipe I give you some basic instructions for you to play with. Slice some onion and mushrooms and fry…

Under the Weather Comfort Food

I’m currently in-between jobs, having just left my last one and taking a short break before I start my new one. I left the office for the last time last Friday, looking forward to being a lady of leisure for…

The Art of Simplicity


Courgette, Mint and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad

The lone courgette that I’d retrieved from the back of the fridge lay on the chopping board for some time this lunchtime before I finally decided what to make with it. I was determined that it wouldn’t end up in…

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