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A Mushroom Sandwich for Lunch

I’m working at home today so I was able to cook myself something nice for lunch. I spread some butter…


Pick and Mix

We went to our local farm shop today for our weekly fruit and vegetables. I tend to buy according to…


Life’s Too Short To Stuff An Olive

I am a big advocate of cooking good food, using fresh ingredients, from scratch. I strongly believe that cooking is…


Nigella Lawson Hitting Our Screens Again

Nigella Lawson is working with the BBC on a Christmas cookery programme this Autumn. Fantastic news – I can’t wait…


My Kitchen Essentials

Tools My cream KitchenAid mixer- this was a real treat, an expensive one, but a long-term investment and I get…


Chip Shop Chips!

We were both too tired to cook tonight so we opted for battered sausage and chips from the local chip…