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Breaking Down The Casserole

I don’t have a set recipe for my basic casserole, what I put in it depends on my mood and…


Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Photograph Ananova This lowly parsnip is officially Britain’s ugliest vegetable. The parsnip’s resemblance to a deep sea creature won it…


Roses and Rain

It’s been a drizzly day today. Rain against the windows, drops in puddles, wet pavements. I love the rain and…


Lazy Days

Sundays really are the best take-it-easy days, aren’t they? Today has been lovely and laid back. After a lie-in then…


Easy As Apple Pie

I decided to do some baking the other day but that was as far as my thinking went, so I…


Comforting Fish Pie

I played around with 3 or 4 different recipes for this pie, taking what I liked best from each. The…