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Puppy Love

Once again time has flown and I realise I haven’t blogged for an age. As anyone who follows me on Twitter will know, I’ve been a little busy with a new addition to the family…Continue reading…


Poached Salmon Risotto

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now you’ll probably know I’m a fan of risotto. I love the transformation the pearls of rice go through as they turn translucent, starchy and finally start to swell in the pan and meld with the other ingredients to become risotto. It’s a joy to make and a comfort to eat. And the bonus is that it’s relatively quick and cheap to make, as well as lending itself to a great variety of ingredient options. Read post.


The Food Blogging Community: Food Urchin

Next up in the ‘Food Blogging Community’ series is the very entertaining, very adventurous and, if his blog is anything…


In the Stillness of Time

I fear that I’ve been a bad blogger. In that, well, I haven’t actually blogged. For almost a whole month. I have been around, saying ‘hello’ on Twitter and on Facebook every now and then, but the door to my blog has stayed ajar – not closed, only ajar – just as I left it, with the light shining through, until I was ready to walk through it once again. Read post.


Birthday Cupcakes

When my friend Cheryl asked me if I would bake some cupcakes for her daughter’s 12th birthday with ‘Happy 12th Birthday Megan’ iced on them I hesitated for a moment. Fairy cakes (as I knew them when I was a child) are easy to make and I’ve made them enough times before but those glorious cakes with billowing buttercream icing so perfectly iced sitting prettily in the shop cabinet, they were a different matter. Megan had her heart set on cupcakes for her birthday, her mum told me, and I suddenly felt the enormity of the responsibility; would my 2nd rate cupcakes ruin a little girl’s big day? Eek!


Raise Your Glasses to 2011

2010 really was the most incredible year for me. It’s seen me realise my dream of writing a cookbook and after several years of hard work I finally got to hold my very own published work in my hands. It doesn’t get better than that. You told me how much you enjoyed the book when you read it and cooked from it and that means the world to me. As I wrote it I thought of you, thinking of you curled up with it in bed or wrapped in a throw in a favourite chair on a cold winter’s day, and splattering it with batter as you cooked from it in your steamy kitchen. And so to hear your lovely feedback is overwhelmingly wonderful. Read post.