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Notes From My Camping Diary (New Forest Part 3) – Photo Diary

It’s official: I’m converted!


Notes From My Camping Diary (New Forest Part 2)

Saturday 27th August, 10:03pm The first two nights on camp it rained and rained. There were breaks but when it…


Notes from my Camping Diary (New Forest Part 1)

Friday 26th August
I’m sitting cross legged in the middle of a wet field with nothing but my pyjama bottoms and a sheet of polyester between my bottom and the earth. The early morning dampness hangs in the air and the sun sits low in the sky. Across the field there are others like me; some sitting, some gently stretching their arms to the sky, some slowly walking over to the other side. I haven’t taken up yoga or eloped to join a cult, I’ve joined the millions who holiday under canvas or polyester every year; I’ve gone camping. Continue reading…


Gene Weatherley Photography

Introducing my friend good friend Gene, check out his incredible photographs! Take a look at his Flickr stream for more…



Find the time to play a little… Continue reading…