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The Essence of Lemons

This is the start of a new series on the blog, looking at just one ingredient and what it adds…


I’m Back!

Hey everyone! You may have seen me over the past week or so on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and if…


Pepped Up Veg

The usual colds are starting to go round now and I’ve been feeling a little under the weather of late,…


Stilton, Broccoli & Smoked Bacon Pasta

I do like a quick and easy pasta dish for a mid-week dinner, especially when it’s as comforting and tasty…


Lemon Curd and Chocolate Twists

I figured a return to food blogging wasn’t really legitimate until I post about, well, food. So here we have…


Turning Leaves

It feels a little strange to be on this blog, in this space, typing these words. Time has past, the…