Apologies for the Late Reply…

I seem to be starting a rather alarming amount of emails with this sentence lately. I feel quite guilty about it and I think perhaps now would be a good time to publically respond to everyone who emails me, leaves me comments and contacts me via Facebook and MySpace.

I do want you to know how much it means to me when you take the trouble to contact me or to leave me a comment on my blog. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there would be no point in writing the blog without you there to read it, and each and every one of you mean a great deal to me.

I do sometimes struggle to keep up with things; I work full time as well as writing this blog and running my forum and the UK Food Bloggers Association, and of course I need to keep up with my personal and social life too. So I don’t always respond to emails as quickly as I would like and I certainly don’t leave as many comments as I would like on all the blogs I read – and believe me I do read a huge amount (there are currently 82 subscriptions in my Google Reader which I’m adding to all the time).

If you don’t hear back from me a while please don’t feel it’s because I don’t want to respond, I’ve deleted your email or I’d rather you hadn’t contacted me – the truth is quite the contrary – and don’t be afraid to write to me again to prompt me; unfortunately emails do sometimes get lost amongst the high volume of spam I get so it may be that I actually haven’t seen your email.

I’m hugely flattered when you write to me to ask for recommendations, blogging advice or suggestions on what to cook for friends or occasions and I’m very happy to help where I can. I would suggest that you write to me well in advance of any event though, so that I have time to respond as I’d hate to reply too late.

Thanks for listening and please do keep all the emails, blog comments, Facebook pokes (nudge, nudge) and everything else Cyber Space has to offer coming.

Love Julia x


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