An Easter Egg for Grown-ups with Good Taste

Hotel Chocolate Egg

Do you prefer dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Well it doesn’t matter with Hotel Chocolat’s Signature Egg, as you get the best of both worlds with half the shell being dark and the other half milk.

You may recall my previous post about Hotel Chocolat. Having already tried this delicious chocolate I couldn’t wait to try their Signature Egg. And they didn’t disappoint. The shell is made from exceptionally thick chocolate, and as with all their products, this is real chocolate; the dark chocolate is 72% and the milk 40%.

When you open up the egg the sweet, deep chocolate smell is intoxicating. Close your eyes and breathe it in and you’re in chocolate heaven. Inside are fabulous little eggs that are so pretty and beautifully hand decorated it seems a shame to bite into them. But of course that thought leaves my head almost as soon as it enters it. The chocolate eggs are filled with smooth and creamy champagne and liqueur truffles such as kir royale, bellini and rum. And wow, those are some generously boozy chocolates!

This really is a special egg; perfect for that special someone this Easter.

Hotel Chocolate Egg 3

Hotel Chocolate Egg 1

Hotel Chocolate Egg 4


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