I’m Julia Parsons and I’m a self-taught cook, food writer and blogger since 2006.

The food I was brought up with was traditional, hearty and honest English food designed to feed a family on a small budget. My cooking style pays homage to these traditional roots, with modern British strands woven through it, to keep it fresh and vibrant.

I have never taken cooking classes; my qualification is that which comes from a love of good food and good home cooking. I taught myself to cook through reading cookery books, scouring the internet, and absorbing everything I could about food from every source available over the years, and through experiment, trial and error.

My first solo cookbook, ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie, was inspired by the blog and contains recipes from the blog as well as lots of brand new ones, along with seasonal writings and about the places and memories that are entwined with my recipes. There are also some of my own photographs scattered through the book, along with family snapshots.

The book takes you on a seasonal journey from spring through to winter and includes recipes for friends, for weekends, and for occasions such as Bonfire night and Christmas time.

To order a copy in the UK click here and the rest of the world here. I hope you will enjoy reading and cooking from it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Read some of the mentions of the book on the web here.


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