A Perfect English Springtime

The wonderful weather has continued, with a few breaks here and there, for weeks now and I feel that we’ve been truly spoiled. It really has been glorious. It has been so hot and sunny it’s felt like summertime and yet with it only being late May we have all the summer months to look forward to.

I’ve really been enjoying my garden this spring, I’ve bought new garden furniture and have been making the most of the lighter, warmer evenings by spending much more time outside, as anyone who follows my Instagram feed will know!


I’ve also been spending time by the sea, on the Sussex coast where I have a caravan. It’s great taking off on a Friday evening after work, driving down the motorway with summer music playing, to spend the weekend at my ‘holiday home’.

All of this outdoor living has meant lots of eating Al Fresco, something which I love, and with the seasonal British, spring produce now available, such as the asparagus I get so excited about each year, ripe strawberries, and Jersey Royal new potatoes, I’ve been having some real feasts.

Of course, we’ve also had the excitement of the royal wedding which most of us couldn’t help but get caught up in, even just to enjoy the sense of Britishness and festivity. Ella, Jamie and I watched Meghan and Harry get hitched last Saturday and then spent a lovely afternoon in the garden soaking up the sunshine. I did more of the same on Sunday, making the most of every day of hot sunshine.

And I’m certainly not the only one enjoying the warm weather; my cats, Simba and Skye, are loving it too.

I hope you’re enjoying your springtime too. Let’s hope summer is just as good!



  1. May 24, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    Was there a wedding? I don’t remember seeing anything in the papers or on tv. I can’t find my garden furniture – it’s been swallowed up by an unpruned and unkempt shrubbery. You’re definitely right about the fine asparagus and Jersey Royal feasting, though, and I think it’ll be time this weekend for a strawberry bloodhound cocktail. Cheers.

  2. Julia
    May 30, 2018 / 11:23 am

    Lol yes there was very little coverage of the wedding! I’m not sure what a strawberry bloodhound cocktail is but it sounds fabulous x

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