A Peek Inside the Cookbook

February 19th, 2010

Chocolate Cake

Pear, Fig and Stichelton Salad

Cashew Nut Brittle

Photography Cristian Barnett (www.crisbarnett.com), food styling Andrea O’Connor. Copyright Absolute Press. All rights reserved.

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    36 Responses to “A Peek Inside the Cookbook”

    1. Cool Lassi(e) Says:

      That Chocolate cake looks sinful!

    2. Janice Says:

      How exciting!

    3. Teresa Cordero Cordell Says:

      Bravo! And congratulations!

    4. Anahi Says:

      Looks great…

    5. sherry Says:


    6. Wendy Says:

      Gorgeous… and beautiful photographs! You must be beside yourself with excitement!

    7. Jacqueline Says:

      Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Julia. You must be feeling so proud! Congratulations 🙂

    8. Cookin' Canuck Says:

      Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on the finished product.

    9. The Mrs. Says:

      Wow, Absolutely gorgeous Julia! You must be so excited.

    10. Julia Says:

      Cool Lassi – it 's really good for you, honestly (ok, I lie) 😉

      Janice, Wendy, Anahi, Sherry, The Mrs – thank you all. I've been so excited all week! x

      Teresa – thank you x

      Jacqueline – hey, great to hear from you! Thank you so much sweetie. Hope you're well x

      Cookin' Canuck – me too!! x

    11. Mark at Funky Lunch Says:

      Wow, looks amazing… so exciting!

    12. Teresa Says:

      I don't think this qualifies as a "Peak" but more (oh, so much more) like a teaser LOL.
      My God, Julia, it looks so fantastic that even if it was just to look for the pictures of what you cooked I'd buy the book :D.
      Great Job, Jules! 🙂

    13. Lexi Says:

      Looks amazing, beautiful photography!

    14. Sarah Says:

      and a nice peak it is, wonderful photos. Congratulations on this milestone

    15. cookeaze Says:

      Wow! Those look like a wonderful treat! Exciting snaps and interesting too.

    16. Julia Says:

      Thanks all 🙂


    17. Beth Says:

      I'm eagerly awaiting that Chocolate cake recipe now!!

    18. wine of the month club Says:

      Cake just looks absolutely amazing. Wish I could get a slice right now.

    19. Julia Says:

      The cake is made with duck eggs, so a little different. The sponge rises beautifully using them.

    20. Ewa, David & Cooper Says:

      Congratulations again! I look forward to getting the cookbook. Always a pleasure reading your blog. http://www.delishhh.com

    21. Delishhh Says:

      Congratulations on the cookbook. Lookforward to getting the cookbook and trying out some of the recipes. Always a pleasure reading your blog.

    22. Anonymous Says:

      What's up everyone? My name is Aaron. I'm from Portland. I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hi.. I hope I posted this in the right section.

    23. monica Says:

      June? 2010??? I have to wait that long???
      Congratulations!!! love your blog, can't wait for your cookbook!

    24. Maureen Says:

      Fantastic photos! You must be so excited, Julia. Well done, you!

    25. Alex Says:

      Oh my goodness, it must feel so real for you now? And the photography is amazing… Can't wait!

    26. AppleC Says:

      The desserts in England hold the best memories. When they asked if cream was required with the Gateau, I said "pour on the whole jug". Wonderful.

    27. ARUNA Says:

      That chocolate cake looks so tempting!

    28. Magically Bored Says:

      That cake looks too good to be true.
      *wistful sigh*

    29. scandilicious Says:

      Just been catching up on reading blog posts and saw these photos, Julia they look fantastic! So excited for you, the book is going to be a triumph 🙂

    30. Hilary Says:

      Wonderful! That first shot of the cake is just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the real deal.

    31. Chris Says:

      Fabulous….lovin' the fig salad. 😉 Yum! Can't wait until they are in season here.

    32. Jamie Says:

      I have been following this from afar, lurking, you might say. But this is very exciting! Gorgeous pictures and making me want that cookbook! You must be so excited!

    33. kate Says:

      Gorgeous! I can't even tell you how excited I am! You must be, too!

    34. Julia Says:

      oh mine, all of them look so mouth-watering!

    35. shayma Says:

      congratulations, Julia. i look forward to buying a copy of your book. x shayma

    36. Julia Says:

      Many thanks for all your wonderful comments. You really are the kindest people 🙂

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