A Frittata for Lunch!

Since I discovered duck eggs I’ve been buying them almost every week. For lunch today I decided to make a frittata with a couple of the eggs and the courgette sitting in the fridge.

A frittata is an Italian thick omelette-style dish which is cooked in a pan and then put under a grill to finish off the top. It’s served unfolded, often cold. You can make it with any number of vegetables and other ingredients, such as herbs and cheeses, just like you would an omelette.

You could of course make this with hen eggs but I love the richness of the duck eggs.

Courgette Frittata

Duck Egg & Courgette Frittata

Serves 1.

2 duck eggs
1 courgette
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
A little butter and olive oil for frying
Grated parmesan cheese

Slice a courgette and fry it in a non-stick pan with a little butter and olive oil until softened and starting to turn golden.

Beat two duck eggs together and season them, then pour the eggs over the courgette slices in the pan. Cook on a low heat until the frittata is firmed up and almost set on top. Then generously grate over some parmesan cheese and pop the pan under the grill for a few minutes until the top is set and golden.

You can increase the quantities of eggs and courgettes if you want to make this in a larger pan for more people – to serve it cut it into wedges.


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