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    Refresh & Renew

    My goodness, the last time I posted here was in 2018. How the world has changed since then. Not only the big, wide world but my small little world too. I don't really need to mention the pandemic and changes it's caused - we all know about that and there's no need to dwell on it here.

    A Perfect English Springtime

    The wonderful weather has continued, with a few breaks here and there, for weeks now and I feel that we've been truly spoiled. It really has been glorious. It has been so hot and sunny it's felt like summertime and yet with it only being late May we have all the summer months to look forward to.

    Homemade Lemonade

    Finally, finally warm spring weather has arrived. It's come later this year and in fact at the beginning of the season, in March, snow brought the country to a standstill - and prevented me and my friend from getting to Wembley to see the Stereophonics which we were most upset about, but that'a a whole other story.

    Life Through the Artist’s Lens

    Having been pretty much out of the social media world for several years I came back to a changed landscape and found myself a little out of touch when it came to platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. I haven't really explored the former and don't have much curiosity for it but I've really taken to Instagram.

    Here Comes the Sun

    I think us Brits can be forgiven for getting a little over excited when we get get hot weather as we get such little of it, relatively speaking. I guess we appreciate it all the more because of that, and we know to make the most of it while it lasts as it's so fleeting in the UK.

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